The Courage To Bee Candle

The Courage To Bee Candle

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  • Hand made natural soy candle with a unique industrial style concrete base
  • Each concrete candle base is embellished very carefully with a color pigment by hand in some of the formation of the concrete.
  • Each candle will be different from the last.
  • Size: S 3X6 Inch  10 Oz 

One gesture. One smile. One student at a time.

With your retail purchase of the “THE COURAGE TO BEE CANDLE By JADA,  15% will be donated to THE COURAGE TO BEE organization to help build a path of quality education for at-risk youth by providing them with school supplies, technology, and skill-building workshops that lead to better academic outcomes, social and emotional intelligence, character and identity development, and leadership. 

Burn your soy candle where others can see your support of our ! Candle For A Cause. 

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