I use the maximum fragrance load in each candle. Cure times for each candle vary, but on average it takes a week of curing before the candle can fill a large room with scent. If the candle scent seems weak at first, it is because it was recently made. Soy wax burns off a milder scent than other wax (paraffin & beeswax.) I ask you keep this in mind when purchasing. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.


With warm weather comes the chance for candles to melt in transit. Please consider shipping to a PO Box or an address in which you will be able to remove your order from the mailbox immediately. Due to the nature of the soy wax, I will pack carefully to try to prevent melting. Please contact me if there are any melting issues that may require assistance.

If your order says delivered and it's not, please contact your local USPS. They will be able to do track to see where the package(s) were left.
Also, check with neighbors and other family members. They may have it. 
Kundalini Candles is not responsible for lost or stolen packages marked delivered by USPS. If it is stuck in transit, I can file a claim with USPS. 

Please verify that your shipping address is correct before placing your order.
If the order has been entered with an incorrect address, the buyer is responsible for additional postage required for us to resend it.
The buyer is also responsible for postage to resend packages that have been returned to us for any other reason.

Please contact us for more information.