A candle helps us to get into that nice and cozy feeling. What more could it bring other than knowing that the candle you just lit is helping a cause?

    ▪️We want to help Charities who are fighting for great causes. 
    ▪️We want to help Foundations who work hard at helping others. 
    ▪️We want to help causes who try to find cures for illnesses or diseases. 

     And we want you to be part of it. 

    For every “Candle for A Cause “ purchased, JADA CANDLE will be donating 15%. At first, we will be limited to a few charities in order to make the donations relevant. But we will be adding many more, including the one that is dear to your heart. 

    Let’s light up a “ Candle For A Cause” and let have the fantastic feeling that you are helping someone else. That you just did a good deed for the day.

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